CNC Cutting Machines

We could say that CNC is an electronic driver of the Cutting System based on the configurations by the user and the profiles of the parts to be worked on fed into the system before the beginning of the job. Making use of built-in electronic and software automation, CNC can control the cutting process calculating all available parameters, both the ones determined by the Cutting code (G-Code) fed into it beforehand and the real-time cutting data provided by the relevant sensors. It adjusts the proper gas mixture and velocity, the feed rate and the torch movement along the three axes, and the power of the Source. The cutting process is automatically continuously adjusted in the best way, much better than by the most experienced operator.

CNC stands for Computed Numerical Control; CNC Machine is a machine which is controlled by a computer through a numerical program, this program is often in a format called G-code. G-code is also used on a wide variety of CNC machines such as Lathes and Mills. 2D profiling CNC machines can use Oxy-fuel (Gas), Plasma or Laser to sever material into almost any 2D shape by melting or vaporizing the material. This type of 2D profiling has been done by CNC machines in industry for over 25 years.

The idea behind CNC cutting is to allow a computer to control the torch head making clean sharp cuts. Absolute precision is possible through CNC machining, consequently hand-held torches are to be avoided; the cutter has been built into the table.

Fixed equipment as compared to portable ones has the option to include heavy cutting energy sources to cut much thicker material. They also allow opportunities for complex welding processes. More complex state-of-the-art technologies allow more elaborate cuts with thinner kerf and greater thickness.

What is CAM?

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is the use of computer software to control machine tools and related machinery in the manufacturing of work pieces. Traditionally, CAM has been considered as a numerical control (NC) programming tool, wherein two-dimensional (2-D) or three-dimensional (3-D) models of components generated in CAD software are used to generate G-code to drive computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. The marriage of CAM software and control systems is critical to the successful implementation of any CNC machine.

An application for machining ‘sheet’ goods (metal plates, plastic sheets, thin woods, leather, glass etc.) should handle materials and sheets, it should be able to handle intricate Cutting Layouts, automatically place them on the sheet making optimal use of the raw material, permit manual intervention by the user regarding the best placement of the cutting layouts, generate the required code for inside and outside contours, pockets and drilling cycles, make any printouts needed by the operator and lastly but not least, make everything fast and keep records of the jobs done to be able to repeat them at any time in the future. Reliable CAM software should allow the nesting of parts and have features for copying, duplicating, rotating to angles of any degrees and mirroring parts to cut wastage to the minimum. It should also allow for parts to be aligned perfectly along the machine axes by automatically aligning the drawing to the actual part.

Heavy Duty & Flexible Design

CNC cutting machine is high speed, high accuracy cutting machine which features compact modular construction of heavy-duty tubular structure for easy and fast installation. Longitudinal drive and precise machine guiding profiles provide high cutting accuracy and contouring precision. It will accept a variety of cutting table, or customer can build their own. This machine is designed to grow with customer. Additional rail sections may be purchased with new system or added later in the field.

Mass Cutting Systems Series Machine Delivers

CNC cutting machines delivers full-featured and productivity at an affordable price. CNC Cutting machines by Mass Cutting Systems is the best value in the industry.



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