Nesting Software

TurboNest nesting software, for conventional plasma and oxyfuel applications, delivers best-in-class performance and reliability yet is also incredibly easy to learn and use. With TurboNest you will experience flexible import of your 2D CAD files, material cost savings from efficient nesting, and repeatable results from parameter-based setups that provide consistent cut quality and productivity, along with reduced operating costs. TurboNest offers the solutions you need to process your jobs quickly, easily, and profitably. Power Made Simple!

• Simplified and intuitive user interface that more closely aligns with the look and operation found with commonly used business applications.
• Tabs to quickly navigate between nests, insert new nests, or reorder nests by clicking and dragging tabs to the desired location.
• The ability to export nests directly to a DXF file without installing a special DXF Polyline setup or changing machines.
• Expanded keyboard shortcuts throughout the software navigation.
• More standard features such as Custom Remnants™, a tool that allows users to enter the dimensions of an irregular plate or remnant and then complete a nest. (Formerly sold separately.)

Compared to other products in its class TurboNest does more to automatically embed cut process expertise into the NC code. Whether it’s material type, thickness, or grade, TurboNest is drawing on years of research and development to deliver the optimal adjustments including leads, separations, kerf, feedrate, and cutting techniques.



SmartNest is a CNC nesting programming software with independent intellectual property rights which researched by famous university research team after more than twenty years. It fully absorbs the strengths of a number of similar products at home and abroad in the development and improvement process, improves and perfects according to the actual situation. Suitable for flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, water jet cutting machine and so on.
1. Simple and user-friendly interface.
2. Powerful function of graph importing with automatic graph checking and fitting.
3. Import of external nesting graph as DXF/DWG file.
4. Powerful automatic true shape nesting.
5. Blended automatic/manual nesting, more quick to reach optimization.
6. Part visualization for number and status, more convenient for nesting.
7. Optimization of cutting process (sequence/pierce/direction/lead) by one key.
8. Automatic common line cutting for multiple parts with intuitive method.
9. Multiple and mixed cutting technologies (bridge cutting/chain cutting/micro-connection).
10. Open graph cutting.
11. Kerf compensation for cutting.
12. Automatic NC programming & cutting simulation.
13. Printout of nesting graph with part list. Output of nesting graph as DXF file.

Plasma Productivity - Series machine delivers productivity. CNC control provides precision motion control for both high-speed plasma and Oxy-fuel cutting. We could say that CNC is an electronic driver of the Cutting System based on the configurations by the user and the profiles of the parts to be worked on fed into the system before the beginning of the job.



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